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3M Chemicals QCF4051A.E. Staley Mfg. Company
A.F. Pharmaceuticals Inc.Aaper Alcohol & Chemical CompanyAcme Hardesty Co
Acme Southern, Inc.AG Environmental ProductsAir Products
Air Products & ChemicalsAir Products & Chemicals Inc.Akzo Nobel Chemicals
Akzo Nobel Functional Chem LlcAlameda Chemical & ScientificAlbright & Wilson
Albright & Wilson Inc.Alcan ChemicalsAlchem Products, Inc.
Aldrich Chemical Company, Inc.Alfa Aesar-Johnson Matthey Co.Allchem Industries
Alliance FertilizerAllied Signal, Inc.Allied-Hunter
Allied-SignalAlnor Oil Co., Inc.Aloe Creme Labs.
Altair Industries Inc.Aluchem Inc.American Agip Co. Inc.
American ChemicalAmerican Distilling & MfgAmerican Flange & Mfg., Co.
American International Chemical Inc.American International CompaniesAmerican Minerals Inc
American Tartaric ProductsAMS EnvironmentalAqua-Gon, Inc.
Aqualon CompanyArch Chemical CompanyArch Chemicals Inc.
Archer, Daniels, Midland CoARCO Chemical CompanyAries Chemical Inc.
Aristech Chemical CorportationArmand Products CompanyAsheville Lubricants & Chemicals, Inc.
ASHTA Chemicals IncASHTA Chemicals Inc.Astaris, LLC
Atlas Refinery, Inc.Atochem U.S.A. Inc.Atofina (Atochem)
Atofina Chemicals Inc.Atotech U.S.A. Inc.Atotech USA
Avatar CorporationAvoco Oil CompanyB.F. Goodrich Chemical Group
B.F. Goodrich Kalama, Inc.B.P. /AmocoB.P. Chemicals
B.P. Chemicals Americas, IncB.P. Chemicals, Inc.Baerlocher USA L.L.C.
Baker Distributing Co.Baker PetroliteBASCO
BASFBASF CorporationBay Oil Company
Bayer CorporationBCS (formely Holtrachem)Benbow Chemical
Benbow Chemical Packaging Inc.Benco International LLCBethlehem Steel
Bethlehem Steel CorporationBetz Dearborn HerculesBicknell/Tidewater
Big Quill Resources Inc.Biolab Inc.Borden & Remington Corporation
Borden ChemicalBP ChemicalsBP/Amoco
BPCI - Aquaness ChemicalBrand Nu Laboratories Inc.Bro-Tex Inc.
Browning Chemical Corp.Bucher PetrochemicalsC K Witco
Cabot CorporationCalabrian CorporationCalgon Corporation
Calumet LubricantsCalumet Lubricants Co. LPCapital Resin Corporation
Captree Chemical Corp.Caretaker ProductsCargill Inc.
Cargill Inc. Salt DivisionCargill SaltCarus/Kjell
Castrol Industrial Inc.CelaneseCelanese Chemicals
Celite CorporationCellutech Inc.Charkit Chemical Corporation
Chem One Ltd.Chemagineering Corp.Chemcor
ChemetalsChemical InterchangeChemical Technologies Inc
Chempet CorporationChemron CorporationChemtech
Chem-Trend Inc.Chevron Phillips Chemical Co LpChurch & Dwight Co., Inc.
Church & Dwight/ArmandCiba-Geigy DyestuffsCitgo
CITGO Petroleum CorporationCitgo Refining and ChemicalsCK Witco
Clarence Resins & Chem. Inc.Clariant CorporationClawson Container Company
CLC Lubricants Co.Clear 20, Inc.Climax Molybdenum Corp.
Cognis CorporationCole-Parmer Instrument CoColony Industries, Inc.
Columbus ChemicalCommonwealth IndustrialCondea Vista
Condea Vista CompanyConnell Bros. Co. Ltd.Contract Chemicals
Convoy Oil CorporationCoolant Controls, Inc.Co-Operative Feed Dealers Inc.
Coral Chemical CompanyCorco Chemical Corp.Cosmetic Specialties Inc.
CP PhibrochemCXY ChemicalsCyprus Foote Mineral Co.
CytecCytec Industries Inc.Dallas Group Of America
Daniel G. Hereley Co.De Vere Chemical CompanyDegussa-Huls
Degussa-Huls CorporationDelmarva Chemicals, Inc.Dennis K. Burke Inc.
Dewolf Chemical Inc.Diagraph CorporationDiamond Sugar Co., Inc.
Distec, Inc.DNP International Co., IncDober Group
Domestic LubricantsDominion Chemical CompanyDomino Sugar
Domino Sugar CorporationDover ChemicalDow Chemical Company
DSM ChemicalDubois ChemicalsDucey Chemical, Inc.
Du-Lite CorporationE.I. DupontE.I. Dupont De Nemours
Eagle-PicherEagle-Picher MineralsEagle-Picher Minerals, Inc.
Eastech Chemical Inc.EastmanELF Atochem North America
Elite Chemicals Inc.Engelhard CorpEngelhard Corporation
EnglewoodEnron Capital & Trade ResourceEnterprise Oil Company
Enviro Tech International Inc.Equilon Enterprises LLCEquistar
Equistar Chemicals, LPErgon Lube Oil DivisionEthichem Corporation
Exxon Chemical AmericasExxon Chemical Company, USAF.M.C. Corp.
F.M.C. Corp. WyomingFaesy & Besthoff Inc.Famous Lubricants, Inc.
FCIFilo Chemical Inc.Flexsys America L.P.
Fluid Solutions Inc.Fluid State Systems, Inc.FMC Corp
Focus Chemical CorporationFuel Oils, Inc.G.H.Berlin Oil Company
G.J. Chemical Co. Inc.Gaylord Chemical CorporationGem Urethane Corp, Division Of
General ChemicalGeneral Chemical Corp.General Chemical Ind Prdts
General Chemical Industrial ProductsGeneral Chemicals & Plastics Corp.GEO Specialty Chemicals
Geo. Pfau's Sons Co., Inc.George Mann & Co., Inc.Georgia Gulf
Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc.GER Oil CompanyGFI Chemicals L.P.
Gilbert & Jones Inc.Giles Chemical IndustriesGNC Group Inc.
Goldschmidt IndustrialGoldschmidt Industrial Chemical CorporationGood Food Inc
Grace DavisonGreat Lakes Chemical Corp.Greer Industries Inc
Greer Lime CoGreer Lime CompanyGreif Bros. Corporation
GriffenGriffin CorporationGroeninks (Grand Valley Dist.)
GTIGuardall Chemical Co. Inc.H. Krevit & Company Inc.
H.B. Fuller CompanyH.M. Royal Inc.Hach Company
Haifa Chemicals USA, L.L.C.Hall Chemical Co.Halogen Supply Co., Inc.
Hampshire Chemical Corp.Harborlite CorporationHarry Miller Corporation
Haskell Chemical CompanyHCI-Worth Chemical Corp.Heatbath Corporation
Hebei Welcome PharmaceuticalHeico Chemicals Inc.Henkel Canada Limited
Henkel CorporationHenkel SurfaceHenkel Surface Technologies
Hercules, Inc.Herod Seeds, Inc.Hess Pumice Products Inc.
Holland Applied TechnologiesHolland Company Inc.Holyoke Distilled Water Inc.
HoneywellHoneywell (Allied Corp.)Honeywell Engineered Materials
Houghton ChemicalHoughton Chemical Corp.Hub City Golden Gate, L.P.
Hubbard HallHubbard Hall Inc.Huntsman Corporation
Huntsman ICI Chemicals Inc.Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.Hydrite Chemical Co.
ICC Chemical CorporationICI Americas Inc.Ideas, Inc.
IHT Health Products Inc.Illini Coolant Management CorpIMC Chemicals, Inc.
IMC Global Inc. (Kalium)IMC KaliumImperial Zinc Corporation
IndcoIndependent Chemical Corp.Industrial Commodities
Industrial ContainersIndustrial Ingredients Inc.Inolex Chemical Company
International Foods, Inc.International Metals & ChemicalsInternational Metals (IMC)
Intertrade Holdings Inc. (Boliden)Int'l Metals & Chemicals GroupIPPI Lubrcants Inc.
ISP Technologies Inc.J & D Commodities Inc.J.H. Calo Company Inc.
J.L. Wingert CompanyJames River Petroleum IncJanus Resources
Jarchem Industries, Inc.JCI Jones ChemicalsJCI Jones Chemicals Inc.
Jempak Canada Inc.JevicJF Chemical Sales, Inc.
JLM Marketing, Inc.JM Huber CorporationJonco Tool Inc.
Jones Chemicals Inc.Jones-Hamilton CompanyJRS International Inc.
JungbunzlauerJungbunzlauer Inc.Kaltron, Inc
Kaltron/PettiboneKC Industries, LLCKelley Williamson Company
Kenseal Construction Products, Corp.Keystone Aniline CorporationKeystone Chemical
Keystone Universal CorporationKing Supply, Inc.Koch Chemical Company
Kost Group, Inc.Kyanite Mining Corp.Lab Chem Plus
Lab Safety SupplyLab Safety Supply, Inc.Laporte North America
Laroche IndLaroche Industries Inc.LCI, Ltd.
Lidochem, Inc.Liesch Environmental ServicesLignotech USA, Inc.
Lintott Resources Inc.Liquid Containter L.P.Liquid Dispatch, Inc.
Luster-On Products Inc.Lyondell Chemical CompanyLyondell Lubricants
Lyondell Petrochemical CoM & M Chemical And Equipment Company, Inc.Madigan Lime Corporation
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.Marblehead Lime CompanyMarisol Incorporated
Marsulex, Inc.Martin MariettaMasters Company, Inc.
Matlack, Inc.Mcgean-Rohco Inc.Metallurgical Products Company
MethanexMethanex Methanol CompanyMid-Atlantic Chemical Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Chemicall Inc.Midland IndustriesMidwest Grain Products, Inc.
Miljac Inc.Millenium Petrochemicals Inc.Mineral Masters
Mineral ResearchMisco Products DivisionMississippi Lime Company
MitsubishiMitsui & Company (USA) Inc.Monson Companies Inc.
Morre-Tec Industries, IncMorton International, Inc.Multi Chem Inc.
Mutchler Chemical CompanyN. Jonas & Company, Inc.N.J.B.I.A.
Nalco Chemical CompanyNamco Wholesale OutletNapp Technologies, Inc.
National Ammonia Co.National ChemicalNatrium Products
Nepera Inc.New England Resins & PigmentsNew Life Chemical & Equipment
Niacet CorporationNipa Hardwicke Inc.Nipa Laboratories
Noland CompanyNorit Americas Inc.North American Chemical
North American SaltNorth Metal & Chemical CoNorthwestern Salt Company Inc
Novachem CorporationOccidental ChemicalOccidental Chemical Corp.
OCIOCI Chemical CorpO'Connell Oil Associates Inc.
Office Business SystemsOilchem Inc.Old Bridge Chemical
Old Bridge Chemicals Inc.Old World Trading Co., IncOlin Chlor Alkali Products
Olin CorporationOmnova Solutions Inc.Omya
OrchidiaOsmonics-Phoenix OperationsOssian Inc
Oxxides Inc.OXYPacific Epoxy Polymers
Palm Commodities Int'l Inc.Parker & AmchemPasminco Taylor
Path Silicones Inc.PCI Specialty Chemistry Inc.PCS
PCS SalesPCS Sales Inc.PCS Sales USA, Inc.
Pechiney World Trade USA, Inc.Penn Specialty Chemicals Inc.Penreco
Penta International Corp.Peridot Chemicals (New Jersey), Inc.Peridot Chemicals (NJ)
PerstorpPetersburg AgriterminalPetro Chem Hose Company
PetrofermPetroferm IncPFAU
Pfister Chemical Inc.Pharmco Products Inc.Phibro-Tech, Inc.
Philchem, Inc.Phillips Chemical CompanyPhillips Petroleum
Pilot Laboratories Inc.Planet Earth RecyclingPMC Specialties Group
PMP Fermentation Products Inc.Polsinello Fuels Inc.Poly Enviro Laboratory
Pool Builders Supply Of VirginiaPPG IndustriesPPG Industries Inc.
PQ CorporationPremier Services CorpPride Solvents & Chemical Co., Inc.
Prillaman Chemical Corp.Prior Chemical Corp.Pro-Chem
Procter & Gamble CompanyPro-Serve, Inc.Purac, Inc.
Puritan Products Inc.QCQO Chemicals Inc.
Quad Chemical CorporationQuaker ChemicalQuaker City Chemicals Inc.
Quantrol, Inc.Quarles Petroleum, Inc.Quimex, Inc.
R. E. Carroll, Inc.R.T. Vanderbilt Company Inc.Rainbo Oil Company - Rockford
Reagent ChemicalReagent Chemical & ResearchRegant Chem & Research
Regional Enterprises, IncRensberger Oil Company, Inc.Repauno Products, LLC
Rhodia Inc.Rieke CorporationRierden Chemical & Trading Company
Rochester MidlandRock Island Lubricants &Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co.
Rockford Chemical CompanyRockford Oil CompanyRohtstein Corporation
Ropak Central, Inc.Rose Mill Company, Inc.Royal Lubricants Company Inc.
Royce Chemical CompanyRoyster-ClarkRoyster-Clark Nitrogen
RPS, Inc.Ruger Chemical Co. Inc.Russell-Stanley
Russell-Stanley Corp.Rutgers Organics CorporationS & C Industries Inc.
Salisbury Chemicals Inc.Samirian Chemicals Inc.Sartomer Company Inc.
Saskatchewan MineralsSASOLSASOL (formerly Condea Vista)
SC Johnson PolymerSchillinger Salt ServiceSchneider National
Schweizerhall, Inc.Seeco, Inc.Semler Industries Inc
Seoco, Inc.Shamrock Chicago Corp.Shell Chemicals
Simoniz USA Inc.SKW Chemicals Inc.Sloss Industries Corporation
Smith Container Corp.Smith Industrial Rubber and PlasticsSmith Lime Flour Company
Smith Oil CorporationSnyderSnyder Industries Inc
Solutia, Inc.Solvay Fluorides Inc.Solvay Minerals
Solvay Minerals IncSolvent DistillersSouth Hampton Refining Co
Southern Industrial Chemicals, IncSouthwestern OilSovereign Chemical Company
Sparkling Spring Water Co.Specialty Industrial PdtsSpecialty Minerals Inc.
Spectral Inc.Spectrum Quality Products IncSpencer Bros. Inc.
SPI PolyolsSQM North America Corp.Stenner & Co., Inc.
Sterling-Clark-Lurton Corp.Stetson Chemicals, Inc.Stockhausen, Inc.
Stone Packaging Corp.Stuart, D. A.Sun Petrochemicals (Sunoco)
Sun Refining & MarketingSuperior Graphite CompanySurfactants Inc.
T.H. Hilson CompanyTab Chemicals, Inc.Takeda USA, Inc.
Tally Metal Sales, Inc.Tamms IndustriesTanner Industries
TauberTaylor Chemical CompanyTechnical Oil Products
Terra International, Inc.Tetra ChemcialsTexaco Refining and Marketing
Texas PetrochemicalsTextile ChemicalTextile Chemical Co., Inc.
Textile Chemical CompanyThe Callahan Company Inc.The Chemical Co
The Chemical CompanyThe Chem-Met CompanyThe GNI Group
The M.F. Cachat Co.The Moltan CompanyThe Stutz Company
Third Coast Packaging, IncTiarco Chemical DivisionTI-Sales Inc.
Tolco CorporationTomah Products, Inc.Tomen America Inc.
Total FoodsTR InternationalTR International, Inc.
Trans-Chemco, Inc.Trico Technolgies, Inc.Trinternational Inc.
TR-Metro Chemicals Inc.Truesdale Company Inc.Tunnel Barrel & Drum Co.
U.S. BoraxU.S. Chemical IncU.S. Filter
U.S. Plastic CorporationU.S. Salt CorporationU.S. Silica
U.S. Specialty Color CorporationUniqemaUniroyal Chemical Co. Inc
United Container Services, IncUniversal Preserv-A-Chem Inc.Univertical Corporation
US FilterUS Salt CorporationUSF Holland Inc.
USF Red Star Inc.Van Leer Containers, Inc.Vanco Trading Inc.
Velsicol Chemical CorporationVertex Chemical CorpVesuvius U.S.A
Vic Supply CompanyVicksburg Chemical CoVinicas, Inc.
Vinings indVinings IndustriesVirginia Specialty Supply
Vitusa Products, Inc.Vitusa Southern (Methanex)Vulcan Chemicals
Vulcan PerformanceW. R. Grace & CompanyWaste Stream Environmental
WB Bottle Supply Co., Inc.WD-40 CompanyWego Chemical & Mineral Corp.
Welch, Holme & Clark Inc.Welland ChemicalWestport Chemical Company
Weyerhauser Packaging IncWhittaker, Clark & Daniels, Inc.Wilson Industrial Sales
Witco Chemical (Crompton)Witco Corp Surfactants GpWitco Corporation
Worth Chemical Corp.Worthen Industries, Inc.WR Grace
Wright CorporationWRR Environmental ServicesZaclon Incorporated
Zeon Chemicals Inc.Zinkan EnterprisesZMC, Incorporated

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